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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tears - Part 1

Both Ethical Hedonist and The Photographer have very clear views on submissives crying. They like it. I also like it aesthetically and anticipate that experiencing it will be powerful given that I don't cry very easily. I get upset, and I get angry, but actual tears occur rarely in my life.

Crying is a release and can be either physical or emotional/intellectual and oftentimes conflates the two. It is a very powerful symbol of loss, through its associations with grief and sorrow and thereby with hurt. Tears represent what is being suffered but are also a way of expelling that suffering from the body by acting as a channel for the pain: you'll feel better after a good cry.

Like orgasm, it falls into the categories of being made to or of letting go. I could either be forced to cry through pain or mental abuse, or through the actions imposed upon me I would start to cry. The difference is that in the former, the tears are the objective whereas in the latter they are the result. In practice it is likely that, as with physical pain causing mental anguish, the two would overlap. I would be made to cry through a heavy caning session, perhaps, and the act of crying would be a letting go. A physical demonstration of my utter loss within the situation - there is nothing I can do but cry.

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