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Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Lists - Update

In the past few weeks, I've had a lot of amazing experiences and developped some relationships that I think have a lot of potential. When I started the blog I generated a quick and dirty list of things that, off the top of my head, I had not tried and wanted to do, and now seems like a good point to review that list and also generate some new ones:
  • Piercings - nipple rings are healing nicely, and can be touched and played with, although not very heavily. I am considering labia piercings, but not at the moment
  • Threesomes and more - as yet, no progression on this front, perhaps because I'm more interested in two boys, although it is early days yet and there are only so many hours in the day
  • 24/7 slavery - The Photographer and I had an on-off weekend where we attempted some of this, and are planning another weekend with less (if any) breaks.
  • Caning - it hurts, an awful lot. I have been assured by an experienced sub that it is possible to learn to like it, I'm not sure about this. I can't say that I enjoy it, but I do enjoy the feeling of fear that it instills and the sense of helplessness and release afterwards.
  • Anal sex - is great.
  • Objectification and humiliation - I have done some of the former with both Ethical Hedonist and The Photographer although very little of the latter, or at any rate, I haven't felt embarrassed.
As I've experimented and been experimented upon, there have been a few things that have come up in discussion that I have mentally filed for something to definately try:
  • Human art or furniture, something that Lovely Couple appear to also be interested in. I also think it would make a good subject for some photography as it is very much a display activity.
  • Animal play - follows on from my love of objectification, and a discussion with Ethical Hedonist regarding how ponies are spectacular, to my mind it's more about the human-as-non-human rather than actually being an animal, but the idea of bits and crops is wonderful.
  • (Re)naming and behavioural training / conditioning - I'd like to try an ongoing process of being molded and groomed.
  • Chastity play - The Photographer assures me that the best way of effecting this would be piercings, but I'm sure there are options that can be explored in the meantime.


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

Consider being put in an electric shock collar. Its great if you want to push the envelope for objectificiation.

electronic doll said...

And would probably add a little something to torture roleplay, I should imagine. Yes, that's a keeper, I think.