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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Privacy as privilege

Coffee with Offensive Charmer was particularly good, and turned into dinner as we had an awful lot to talk about. We discussed several different theories and ideas that I am keen to expand upon. Amongst other things, he is very interested in BDSM as it pertains to control over the individual in their day-to-day and we talked about how it might be possible to monitor someone, perhaps through the use of webcams or ongoing twitter posts to keep one's Dom informed of what one was doing at any given time. I quite like this as a technological expression of Bentham's Panopticon, except that here the onus is on the submissive to relay all the information so it is an active process of input rather than a passive one of being observed. Someting to expand upon I think, it would be interesting to see how I would respond to such scrutiny: to have the right of privacy taken away, on one level at least, and to try and replicate the idea of a prison for the mind.

Meeting up with The Photographer tonight and we are going for drinks with Lovely Couple which will hopefully lead to a series of enjoyable evenings tied up in rope. I'll spend the night with The Photographer and I'm looking forward to properly getting to know him, mixed with a smattering of the usual pre-game performance anxiety.

The majority of the bruising from Ethical Hedonist has gone down, certainly my back is clear, although I do have some stripes still on my ass and two finger-thick marks on my upper thigh from the heavier of the two canes. In the words of The Photographer, it must be time for a top-up.

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