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Monday, 2 June 2008

Exploratory Conversations

The elegant, not so elegant and occassionally downright obtuse Dance Of Email Conversation is spinning round once more. I can now reasonably categorise them into: Nice or interesting sounding people who I have had goodly chats with and shall meet for coffee or other beverage including Offensive Charmer and the newly discovered American Dom in London; Blokes who want to spank me. There are a lot of these, more than you'd expect, more than I expected at any rate. They get a "thanks but no thanks"; I'm not really sure, but I'm investigating, or "misc".

Amongst the latter category we have the Japanophiles who have sent me some increasingly surreal, mysterious and intruiging memos which is probably leading to something, the question is what? The Photographer suggested it might by tentacle porn, but I doubt that large enough squid exist outside of anime, so I think I'm safe.

I'm kicking off the activity with Ethical Hedonist tomorrow, having been lured by the potential of drinks and bondage. Currently unclear which will feature most heavily. In other, less fun news, Lovely Couple appear to have totally dropped off the radar, leading me to suspect that they were nothing other than a semi-sophisticated piece of software.

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