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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Ropes

I had a lovely evening with Ethical Hedonist yesterday, as evidenced by the excitable impact bruising on my upper back and ass making those parts of me resemble a Jackson Pollock action painting. Quite appropriate all things considered. Play was a very natural rather than ritualised experience: no formal terms of address for example, lots of kissing and stroking, which was exactly right for the pair of us and for the night as a whole. "Playful", would cover it nicely. I think it was about fifty fifty for grinning and yelping. with me doing the majority of the yelping, obviously. Commands were definate, but calm and quiet which I enjoyed, as it gave me a sense of being looked after.

We kicked off with some rope bondage and a little electro-play wherein he found out quite how ticklish I am around the ribs, and then moved on to a short introduction to caning: I had a delicious catch of breath at the sentence "If you're good you get the lighter one". This was bookended with a slightly longer introduction to caning later on (I had been good), which was horribly, wonderfully painful. I remember feeling the biting heat rise up on my skin combined with the awful knowledge that there was going to be more. What I really enjoyed, in retrospect, was that I got to the point where I thought I was going to have to stop whilst not really wanting to, but also not sure I could take another sroke. Then he stopped and I collapsed in a small heap, as much as one can when tied up.

Once I was warmed up, collared and less dressed, he switched from ropes to leather cuffs and a spreader bar to avoid my wriggling tendencies, although personally I consider slipping bonds to be the height of rudeness. My ass and back became the subject of a reasonable quantity of attention from a tour of his collection of whips and floggers, my (studied) opinion being sought on them afterwards. The piercings kept any play to my front at a minimum, although there was a lot of teasing to that effect especially after I went through exactly how and when they hurt. I can also confirm without hesitation that the Hitachi vibe is extremely powerful and causes serious internal conflict: at one point, until told to stay, I was attempting to edge up the bed to get away.

We finished by fucking, which is always a good end to any scene and then fell to chatting about stuff and nonsense, until the sad fact of having to be up the next day made its presence felt.

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