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Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Doll Project - Part 2

The doll is a hyperreal entity, an extended metaphor of a sexualised submissive: the ultimate plaything. The doll goes beyond being merely representative of a person becoming an entity in and of itself when it disconnects from the human identity on which it is based. Like Baudrillard's Disneyland, the doll is a simulacrum of fantasy and desire.

Plastic Artist has recently dropped me a note wanting to create a rubber / pvc doll out of me, which is a very tempting offer on several levels: I hadn't actually considered this when thinking about the project, but there are a host of effects that a taut synthetic second skin would give to the experience. The plastic encasing would disguise my flesh making me appear and feel less human, the obvious mental connection between such a material and a doll, the clear falseness of it and also the physical constrictions placed upon me.

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