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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dear diary

One of the lesser spoken of skills of BDSM is an ability to juggle schedules and plan journeys, I like doing both of these things, as it appeals to my sense of order, and it can feel like an accomplishment in and of itself to get everyone in the right place at the right time with the right bits of kit.

I'm having an Alice moment this evening, although The Photographer insists it's a Treasure Hunt. The Japanophiles have asked me to meet at a certain point in London, which had to be deciphered, in order to receive a wax sealed envelope. After that, well, I'll have to see what's inside. If all goes well and I am not either kidnapped or on some hallucinatory jaunt around the less salubrious parts of this fair city, then later I shall meet with American Dom in London and a smattering of others, who, I am assured will be fun and like-minded.

On the electronic front, Offensive Charmer and I are planning on a day of remote behavioural control, in which I have to conform to certain patterns (simple, non career-limiting things that no-one else should notice) and keep a note of the number of times I fail to do so to receive corresponding punishment later. We haven't got beyond the framework yet, and given our shared love of theory, it will probably form the basis of some sort of intellectual, as well as physical, experiment.

Diary hell continues for both Lovely Couple and Cute Top, but I remain positive and optimistic, we are in contact and I am sure that something will turn up.

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