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Friday, 27 June 2008

Social schedule

I'm seeing The Photographer and Ethical Hedonist for drinks tonight as they both expressed an interest in meeting each other. I should imagine they will both get on, given that they have a reasonable amount in common. Appart from me, obviously. I'm anticipating gin & tonics and possibly food for thought.

On Saturday I'm having lunch with Offensive Charmer now we've finally got diaries to align, we're going to discuss a little more in depth the type of command, control and observation that he is interested in and see where we get to from there. I'm intrigued by how both of our responses to this activity might operate as I'm not sure what type of stimluation I'll get from following protocol for someone who isn't present.

Monday will see me in the pub with Local Dom which could go either way. Not that I have any sense of foreboding, I just don't know how to call this one. I'm not precisely wary about meet-ups because I can always put my hat on and go home. I am, however, very much coming to the conclusion that given you really have to sit down and chat before you can go much further, you may as well do it sooner rather than later. Or it could be my natural impatience.

I've offered to meet up with Plastic Artist at some, yet to be defined, point in the future to see if I am in the mood to be covered in latex. I think I probably am, but it will be whether or not we have any connection in person that will be the sticking point. I can't yet get behind activity for it's own sake and I'm still very much in a place where my enjoyment is strongly based on who I'm with and not merely what they are doing.

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