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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Meet and Greet

The Photographer and I had a really good drinks and dinner session with Lovely Couple last night. They were, indeed, very lovely and not at all mad. We discussed all the usual getting-to-know you things, work, life, misc. Japanese food was again in evidence, and so they pass the newly agreed-upon mandate (based on discussions yesterday) that choice in food is a clear indicator of compatability. They both seem very experienced, cool-headed, pragmatic and sure in what they want, all excellent traits in a Dom(me), and we were certainly keen on meeting up again in a more appopriate environment. The plan appears to be to find a date, go round for pre-club champagne, be introduced to the rest of their crowd, play a little dress up and then go on from there. They play with others, but don't swing, which nicely fits into my slight anxiety about married couples. It means I'll have to look to someone else for those all-important pre-, post- and during-play fuck, but I'm sure that can be arranged.

It did mean that we were a little late getting back to The Photographer's hotel. We had a short(ish) and relatively low-key session. As an interesting context to this meeting and ongoing, we'd decided that I was a slave and he had to decide whether or not he wanted to make the purchase. I'd sent him a one page "briefing" document beforehand detailing how I would look and behave. I'm not sure exactly how well I lived up to this, or how much we actually played it through as it was late. I did go with the flow a little more than perhaps I should have done, and was certainly conscious of not always being as quiet as perhaps I could have been.

He speaks orders in a very soft voice, which I particularly liked, meaning that any annoyance or irritation is immediately obvious.
I enjoyed the delicate controlling of my behaviour and movements whilst we fucked, or when I sucked his cock: I did what I thought would please him, or keep him entertained and he corrected me as and when required. He is also much stronger than me, although this isn't especially difficult, but I did get to have some rather lovely ragdoll moments. Remembering the line "I can pretty much do what I like with you, can't I?" gets a little shudder. Feeling extremely relaxed today and smiling around the edges. Looking forward to the weekend.

Cute Top and I are dancing around a bit of Diary Hell, but think that we can probably manage something. Just not soon. Understated Fetishist and I have done a "thanks but no thanks" which is perfectly fine, given I don't think we could meet each other on any of our key fetishes. I'm swapping theory notes via email with Offensive Charmer as we begin to negotiate our way around what we would like to do and how it could be done.

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