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Friday, 29 August 2008

Errata and a coffee break

Meeting with Switching Sides went really rather well last night. It should be noted that I managed to get the wrong end of the stick and he is, in fact, a Dom who is in a LTR with a Domme, which is how I confused myself into thinking he was a submissive. Which he isn't. This is actually nicer, on some levels. I think the handle can stay though, as it has alliterative qualities which are pleasing to me.

That minor fumble on my part aside, we had a great evening and coffee progressed to dinner (standard practice now appears to be to have pudding before savoury food). We chatted about the usual: rope bondage, the wonderfulness of DIY shops, public versus private play and how serious one should take it all. We both sit nicely within the "serious" camp, or at least have the same definition of the word - we like involving, focused play with people who know and care about each other. We don't like one night stands, bratting or those whose concerns are more about playing to the crowd than with the person. We have a date in the diary for next month and a meet up at Antichrist.

Sad but true, CCK will close its doors this week. They will continue to trade online, and hope to re-open somewhere a little bit more welcoming and appreciative of their all-round loveliness. I'll always hail them as the people who brought some of life's finer things together and helped get BDSM out of dark and sticky corners and into comfy sofas. As Alana said last night, not goodbye, but au-revoir.

Bon chance, mes amis.

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