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Friday, 15 August 2008

A life in the week of

I met with American Dom in London for coffee and later drinks last night, we put a date in the diary for either rope bondage or a service oriented dinner and entertained each other with news of our exploits. We also discussed how our relationship would change in light of The Photographer's offer, which he seemed content with, and suggested that perhaps I might like to meet his brothers in an attempt to prove to them that people involved with BDSM are real people too. In most respects.

With any luck, I should be working on some Doll photographs this weekend. I've been experimenting with ways of getting make-up to give that porcelain effect and will probably use a wig (I have a long, black wavy haired one which should suit) to add to the overall fake-realism look. There isn't anything particularly on club wise that either of us took a shine to, so we will be making our own fun. Initially it seemed as if we might have a date with Lovely Couple, but diary issues seem to be in the way, sadly.

This is something of a leitmotif for my existence at the moment. Dinner with Mr F (as a fellow internet pervert) has now been pushed to September, I believe we started to make tentative plans at some point in July. I failed to touch base with Plastic Artist, which is now two scuppered dates in as many weeks, due to work commitments. Fortunately not everything is at sixes and sevens. I've met a number of new folk including Twosome a bi switch couple who The Photographer and I very much enjoyed meeting for drinks last week. We all seemed to get on very well and bonded over grammar-nazism and a shared hatred of small children in pubs. Finally, I have been chatting to The Blond, an interesting sounding Dom who I will hopefully get around to actually seeing in the flesh. At some point. Dates and times permitting.

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