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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Blind and dumb - Part 2

Turnabout is fair play, so The Photographer, who had been in that sort of a mood all day got the leather treatment. I've never had the opportunity to toy with a hooded submissive before, and the effect is quite disarming. Features vanish, noises are muffled and so response is condensed into the body. Shudders, jerks, the tension held in muscle. It feels very animalistic, actually, as if grooming a skittish horse, soothing gestures at the ready from the very moment that you know something is going to hurt or shock.

It's odd not being able to touch his face directly, although the feel of the leather is soft and pleasant. I place my hand against his cheek and hold his head to me, reassuring whilst reiterating my ownership of him, in whispers against his ear. I like the sensation of bestowment, of giving both pleasure and pain, whenever I chose, which balances nicely with the total freedom to take whatever I want. It makes me feel like a benevolent despot - in charge but also keenly aware of what I am responsible for. I want him to feel cared for as well as controlled, to be held and hurt.

I can hear his breathing, heavy and slightly raspy. Under the hood he's wearing a blindfold and a ball gag, after lacing the hood at the back (a little tricky, clearly I need more practice) I secured it with a collar. I sit astride him and tease his nipple piercings, watching him squirn and feeling his cock get hard under me, which I wriggle against, enjoying the feel of him. I've already used his mouth to make me come earlier, but that was before breakfast and I'm feeling horny again so slip a condom on and put him on all fours so I can slide underneath him. I put his hands to either side, and pull him into me so that there is as little contact as possible - just his cock inside me, like a dildo made of flesh, and place my hands on his hips to control his movements for my benefit. He's not allowed to orgasm without asking permission. He can't speak to ask. I remind him of this fact and feel him buck a little, enjoying the rush before telling him he can come when he wants. Because I'm feeling nice.

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