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Friday, 8 August 2008

Metal and magnetic forces

For a while, I have been considering more piercings, especially given the resounding success of the nipple rings. They have healed exceptionally well, given me no problems and basically look and feel amazing. I'm recommending them heartily to everyone. The Photographer has been discussing getting a Prince Albert done, and I have promised to go along and hold his hand whilst this happens. I am certainly looking forward to the fun that can be had with that in tandem with his nipple piercings.

Alongside this, a conversation has developed concerning chastity play and the possibility that he and I may become a little more serious. These two facts are connected by me getting labial rings, which I have always thought looked very pretty. By all accounts they hurt quite a lot and have a fairly long healing time, but once in place I think they will be magnificent. More so than the nipple piercings, they are purely sexual, they lack the attendant punk connotations of some other piercings and speak directly of slavery, control and use.

It's something of a commitment, on several levels, and we are still in the discussion phase. I'm excited and a little nervous, given the obvious knock-on effect this will have on current and potential future partners, as well as the hitherto uncharted territory of placing my sexuality in someone else's hands. I've realised that we're more than just sexually compatible (and oh, we are that), but more generally so - we work well together.

The offer is there, then. It is very clear, and very attractive in both clarity and desire. It will change our relationship, certainly, and our relationship with others, although precisely how I'm not yet sure. I'm still surprised by how much it affects me, how much even thinking about it turns me on, a little ripple working its way up my body whenever I call it to mind: "I want your cunt, just for me, whenever I want it and for no-one else."


Victoria said...

Um, sweetie? Don't you think that you should maybe slow things down a little? You came out of a long-term relationship relatively recently, and I thought that original plan to was to take some time out to yourself and be single for a bit, not to launch into another exclusive relationship.

You've known this guy for about three minutes, and you're now on to your second set of piercings with him, and I'm sorry if I'm not meant to talk about this, but it just seems really rushed. These are permanent fixtures that will likely cause you quite a bit of discomfort for quite a few months, and you seem to be moving into them very quickly indeed. Slow down. This is your body we're talking about here, not an extension of his. Getting excited about stuff is all great, but it's easy to get swept along and end up regretting it. If it's right for you, it'll still be right a few months later on, and isn't part of the fun the anticipation?

electronic doll said...

I agree with you, comments like this are always appreciated, especially from you, as you know me very well. We're still discussing at the moment, and no actual booking appointments with needle-wielding people have been made, and won't be until I'm totally happy and ready.