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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Special arrangements

I'm meeting with Switching Sides tonight for a coffee. He's a submissive who is looking to explore his Dom side, we've chatted a bit online and there is possible potential. As usual, the illustrious, and hopefully long-lived, CCK will be a neutral yet charmingly inspiring meeting point. If there is a conversational lull I like being able to point at an item or piece of artwork and go "well, do you fancy trying that?" I'm not precisely sure how it will go, photographs were favourable, with a rather nice looking torso to boot, but we'll see.

Ethical Hedonist is back in town and Offensive Charmer should return from NYC next week, so, alongside The Photographer that should mean an end to the drought. I've been entertaining myself with interesting thoughts on how to keep them all entertained, which may well result in the purchase of extra pieces of kit. I'd like a crop, for starters but would actually prefer a "proper" riding crop, for familiar weighting and balance.

I've always loved tack. I grew up in the countryside and was reasonably horsey. I enjoyed the patient practice of fitting buckles and the chink of metal against metal, smell of the leather. There's a certain satisfaction to being able to put all of that filed-away knowledge to good use. DIY shops are also a firm favourite of mine - I've a few lengths of chain, but do need to get some lighter ones for attaching to piercings, and snaphooks are marvellous, very unfussy and they have a satisfying noise. I am (naturally) fond of good old fashioned fetish shops, but there is a certain charm in walking along the high street with a set of individually innocent purchases, ready to be assembled into a not so innocent series of activities.

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