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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Blind and dumb - Part 1

Over the weekend, The Photographer and I entertained ourselves by gagging and hooding the other, which gave an interesting opportunity to review both sides of the experience. It wasn't a new sensation for either of us and it is one that we both know we enjoy.

I love the feel of a gag in my mouth, especially in tandem with a hood. To me it is both permission and instruction to be prone and to submit. My senses are blocked and also enhanced, I have to strain a little to hear, I can't anticipate what he might do.
For me, the gag completes my submission, making the sensory deprivation of the hood all the stronger for the additional feeling of enclosure and captivity. I can smell the leather, and taste the soft rubber against my tongue. It presses me down, and I revel in it, I inhabit a little space in my mind from which I experience these sensations. I'm on my back, spread and tied with leather straps into a suitable fucking position. He holds me around the shoulders, and I am an object, to be moved and altered however he wants. I can't see him and he cannot see my expression, although he can infer from the pattern of muffled noise a "Yes Sir" or a "Thank you".

As I lie there, I can feel the saliva run lazily down the side of my cheek. I had always thought that this sensation might be an embarrassing or humiliating one, but it is not. There is a strange sensation of relief and release, an acceptance and understanding that there is nothing that I can do about this. I am not in control. I cannot lift my hand to wipe it away, nor could I touch my face even if I had mobility. The hood cuts me off from myself at the same time as it connects me and the effect on my body is very powerful: I am very turned on, sensitive to the touch and my cunt is wet. There is literally nothing else in the world I want right now than for him to fuck me.


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

This post begs the question: how long in the hood?

electronic doll said...

I slept in the collar and hood, although not the gag, with my wrists cuffed to my thighs, which meant I was forced into a foetal position on my side.