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Friday, 1 August 2008

Wish lists

As The Photographer rightly points out I have gotten past my first flush of excitement at being back on the scene (several years and a new city make for a very extended break), and have started to try and formulate a more long term plan for what I actually want, beyond great play with great people, which whilst a lovely notion is mortifyingly vague. I can be quite goal orientated, which is good, but at the same time I don't want to miss out on anything potentially interesting by being too rigid.

That said, there are a certain number of characteristics and qualities that I will continue to demand in any new partners:
  • Attractiveness So, I'm probably being superficial, and vain, and possibly downright unfair. But if I'm not drawn to someone, I'm probably not going to want to play with them in any ongoing capacity
  • Brains My current partners are smart. I am smart. I like smart people, they are fun to be around, give good play and give good feedback on play
  • Responsibility These are people who I am going to (with any luck) be naked in front of, be tied up and hurt by, and a variety of other things. So I want grown-ups: people I can rely on, trust and feel safe with.
  • Honesty I will ask intimate questions and I'll want proper answers. I don't want anyone who feels coy or embarrassed about issues of bodies, emotions or thoughts.
I'm trying to mentally pick my way through various offers from various quarters and have actually started to be somewhat ruthless in adhering to my needs and requirements, which means that there will be an increasing quantity of "thanks but no thanks" responses. I don't want to talk myself out of being polite or just plain civil, and oftentimes I'm keen to chat even if not play, Understated Fetishist and I, despite going separate ways, still ping across "how is it going?" notes, which I like reading.

Aside from doing more of the activities I currently enjoy, there are a number of things I'm specifically looking into:

  • A cute (of course), bi male switch to play with alongside another sub
  • A weekend away in a dungeon or playroom space
  • Rope bondage from the other side, I can tie someone up, certainly, but would very much like to be better at doing it
  • Needles, cutting and play piercing. These are currently on my "amber" list as something I am tentatively interested in but nervous about
  • Pony play. I suspect that despite someone informing me that "ponies are especially common in the UK" this is still something of a rarity. Still, it never hurts to ask. Depending on what you're asking for.

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