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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Points of interest

I seem to be going through a moment of relative calm, in contrast to previous hectic activity, and arrangements are settling down somewhat, which gives me chance to contextualise everything in my brain. American Dom in London accused me of intellectualising too much recently, and whilst thinking too much can do you harm, it's not nearly as much as thinking too little. Still, we'll see how that pans out over the weekend at the St Trinian's party, which I've been assured is more of a costume theme than anything else.

The Photographer and I manage to see each other fairly regularly, and this is something we're both very happy to continue, possibly interspersed with playing with Lovely Couple as all seem to be in agreement that it went well the first time around. I'm seeing him tonight, and we're idly musing as to whether rape play might be a game of choice for the evening. Perfect dinner discussions. My other partner, Ethical Hedonist is going away for a while with his lady, but I hope to catch him on his return. It must be summer because Offensive Charmer is also not to hand so I can only respond to his electronic wishes.

However all is not entirely quiet, Plastic Artist has gotten back in touch so we now need to start talking more seriously about whether or not I'm a suitable candidate for being encased in latex. There are also a few charming young men who have contacted me and we're working on whether we might like to actually see each other. In the real world.


Mr F relates said...

It is the intellectualising that makes you special. Everyone has his or her own angle on kink and they all combine to enlarge the picture for all of us. What you do is valuable and different. I could not write the way you do and maybe you could not write like me. That's the beauty of it.

electronic doll said...

Much appreciated, as ever.