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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Playing nice

I'm mostly a good girl, and generally tend towards the well-behaved end of the submissive scale. It plays into my love of being passive, quiet, pleasing and pleasurable, as well as my desire to be objectified and to act as a plaything. I have been known to growl a little or move away from particularly vicious strokes, but mostly I like being attentive and to pay attention to my partners.

On the other hand I do like rough sex and force, to be able to struggle or play through torture scenes. My ability to fight back is woeful, however, according to The Photographer, whilst comfortably holding me upside down and stripping off my clothes. I put this down to a combination of lack of strength and the fact that really I don't want to fight back. I want to give in, I want to let go and to accept my fate. I think there is a sense of being made to play nice that I enjoy, this allows me to experience the initial adrenaline rush of railing against whatever is being done to me, followed by the soothing release (physical and mental) of lying back and taking it.

I always prefer pain play when it's done for a reason, whether it's for the sadistic pleasure of another or as punishment for wrongdoing, to give it context adds that edge for me, it imbues the pain with an extra layer of meaning emphasising my position as something that needs to behave and respond in a certain fashion.

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