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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Doll Project - Part 3

I've always thought of The Doll as a gendered construct, an enhanced feminine form. Obviously part of this is the fact that I am biologically female so performing a masculine doll would be difficult for me, but there are other reasons. The cultural repetoire of dolls runs from girlish (and garish) Barbie through cold, collectable porcelain to tawdry blow-up sex-aid. They are all icons of womanhood, whether pleasant or unpleasant to consider from a feminist perspective.

In my mind, The Doll looks female, overtly so. A circus freak of sexuality whose identity lies only in use. Balanced precariously on heels to extend the leg and thrust out the hips and buttocks. Thick make-up describing a fixed, red smile and wide kohl rimmed eyes. Waspie corset encircling the centre creating a crushingly minature waist, rouged nipples and a smooth shaved cunt advertise its function.

And it is an "it" rather than a "she" because no matter how the The Doll ultimately appears, and it is likely that over the course of the project there will be multiple dolls, it is not supposed to be an actual woman. It is a toy, an object, a thing to be used. I haven't yet worked out where the pleasure (mine or my partners) will lie in playing with this creation. Will it be in my ability to project something so impassive or perhaps at that juncture when I can no longer mimic something man-made, when I shatter the illusion and buck or break. Is it in fucking a doll or in fucking a real woman trying hard to be a doll for your pleasure?


Mr F relates said...

Take your point about dolls being mainly female in appearance but the psychological mindset of becoming a doll could apply to male or female. Losing 'self' and becoming a manipulatable sub is a mindset and a very appealing one at that!

electronic doll said...

I don't really think that mindsets in and of themselves can have genders in that sense. To me, the gender in this case would be neutral, given that it is about a loss of identity and gender assignation is a basis of selfhood.

I certainly don't think that The Doll is a construct only available to women or those who identify as female, merely that the doll I create will be feminine-looking, and the person doing it will be female.

Mr F relates said...

Agree that mindset does not need to have a gender and being a sub/doll does feel gender-less and not necessarily sexual in a conventional sense.

However, as a sub I would need to feel relaxed and comfortable with my dom so there would still be a shadow of maleness left and my dom would probably be female as I am mainly straight.

Getting away from appearance here though. Now maybe I could be a female doll and get into cross dressing. There's a thought.