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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Filthy Language - Part 1

The language I use to describe myself and what I've done builds this world in which I play with you here, now. It's a reflection (in several senses) of my life. My words are my bond, I'm a good bondsman and want you to understand that this is as direct a feed into what I'm actually doing as I can make it. I do my best not to omit things that might be of value or relevance, I try particularly to be honest, especially about anything that is, or was, uncomfortable for me. I'm fairly sure that Ethical Hedonist, Offensive Charmer or The Photographer would pick me up on anything they thought was untrue or muddy. I also try to keep it brief.

I like clear writing and strive for a plain style. I want to be specific, particularly when I'm discussing theory or parts of the body, but I also want the text to flow well so I do wordsmith to a certain extent. I dislike coyness in language and think it's a bit obtuse to be unable to write a word when you can perform the action. It implies a disconnect between what you are doing and how you perceive it, or worse, a fear of "naughty words" if adults could even countenance such a thing.

I write "cunt" rather than "sex" because I think it's more powerful, real and less euphemistic. There's a strength to it, in its provenance and slight viciousness that I enjoy. Similarly, I use "fucking" more often than "having sex" and I never use "making love". I love the hard feel of the word, it seems onomatopoeic to me. I also like metaphor, there's a richness to BDSM that I feel needs a little linguistic luxuriating to adequately describe less concrete things such as feelings, response to sensation. Ultimately,
I the use words that I think are appropriate.

I get a few links to other people's blogs, or stories that they have sent me and the words they use and the sentence structure is as meaningful to me as what they are writing about.
I make a lot of assumptions about them based on how they write, I expect others do the same to me.

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