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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Group effort

I'm naked, fastened to a wall by my wrists, facing the wall in a small room of people I met a few hours ago. American Dom in London is running through a confession scene: a violet wand has been crackling in the background for the past twenty minutes whilst he warmed up my ass with a few well placed spanks, something that I'm not usually interested in but his technique is good and the sensation soon gets me down into myself. I lay my hands flat against the wall, relaxing and allowing my legs to be parted and hauled roughly backwards so my ass sticks out.

The delicate scratching of the wand plays up and down my legs, over my thighs, teasing against the sides of my cunt. I can feel myself getting warming, and wetter, as the sharp seductive electrical sparks shudder over my skin. As usual, I am quiet and calm, trying to hold my face impassive and remaining still, a canvas for him to paint out whatever scene he feels without distraction. It becomes clear he's looking for a stronger reaction, an actual confession, but I'm not prepared to fake anything, and I won't make a sound unless I have to, unless I'm made to.

He turns the setting up and unclips the cuffs to move me around so I am able to catch a glimpse of the little crowd. I like this, being exposed and viewed in this way, but do my best not to show it. An unexpected shock catches me by surprise and I moan out loud, stamping my foot to release the tension, there is a ripple of laughter and comments. Another Dom takes charge of the wand which he runs up between my legs, alternating with light brushings from a flogger. Eventually, more out of timekeeping than anything else, we decide that enough is enough and I'm taken down, wrapped in a blanket and given a cup of tea by a kindly soul. In lieu of an actual confession, I relate a scene that I've particularly enjoyed in the past, before lying down in American Dom in London's lap and taking a well earned break.

There's a real comfort in playing with this group, apart from the fact that everyone is very lovely. There was a genuine sense of fun combined with a serious understanding and appreciation for what we were doing, the safety and enjoyment of all involved. Looking forward to seeing them again.

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