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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Turing test and role reversal

Curioser and curioser.

An IM conversation with The Photographer last night which started off by talking about empathy, then reactions to dolls and the Turing test. I am convinced that there is kink potential in the idea of two subjects, one a machine, the other a human and trying to discover which was which. I was intrigued by his perspective and attitude towards this so we started a narrative whereby he had to describe his reactions to a doll he'd found. We got to a stage where he was talking about what it meant to him and how the existance of such an uncertain item affected his sense of identity. To work through this we started a question and answer session in which I tried to tease out how he felt. This turned out to be a bit of a problematic turn of phrase as he was viewing as a more intellectual endeavour - he was trying to understand what it meant, how it worked and what it was for.

The turning point in the conversation came when he was deciding what to do with it, and the decision came down to either interact with it or imitate it and he chose to imitate. As he did so and as we continued, the doll altered from being female, through to androgynous and then male. And then his copy. Identical copy. Except one is a machine and the other a man. At which point the test proper began as I was introduced into the equation, in the position of the top, in order to conduct the experiment.

We went through the pair of them fucking each other to see how the responses differed and then discovered that as both of them were dolls, admittedly with one trying to be doll, that the better plan would be for them both to please me instead. It was fun, exciting and pretty hot, but also a little odd. There was a moment where I thought I shouldn't be doing this and another where I had to work out a way to avoid injecting any pain into the proceedings because I had no idea how to realistically write about that from the "wrong" side. We had a chat about it afterwards, and it seemed to have been stimulating for both parties - "odd but good, good in an odd way"

I'd be happy to have that on my gravestone.

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