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Thursday, 22 May 2008

The offers on the table - Update

There have been a number of small, but reasonably note-worthy additions and alterations. Which is good, because that means things are moving apace.

Whilst activity with both The Photographer and Cute Top remains in IM limbo pending diaries and trains working, I should hopefully be meeting up with Ethical Hedonist at some point over the Bank Holiday Weekend. We have worked through a number of key courtship stages including exchange of real names, photographs and are now going to attempt to Have A Coffee.

I've also managed to add another two to the list, which at least means we've got enough for a dinner party. I had an amusing memo from Offensive Charmer in direct response to my profile on IC. He started off by having a bit of a rant about how I'd described myself ("tall and beautiful - why don't you add dark to that as well?!") and then later admitted that my confident manner had got his dander up. Being fond of getting people's dander up and fond of anyone who fights back we've had some nice chats so will be shortly at the Coffee stage, potentially Tuesday.

Finally, an intriguing message from Young Scientist who is, if profiles on the internet are to be believed, around my age and looking for a "submissive female to take part in a psychology experiment". There is a rather formalised application procedure, which could be fun in and of itself. Given that he contacted me directly, and also given that I think I would look rather fetching in a straitjacket, this is one I'm rather excited about.

Oh, and for the record, I'm making all these names up myself, to protect the guilty. I'll be inviting them to read this, as and when, and if they so chose. Which should add to the jollity.

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