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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Double acts, weird science and mentoring

The Photographer switches. Whilst chatting on IM, we found out that we both shared fantasies of being one of a set or group of slaves directed by a Dom. This seemed too good an opportunity to pass up on, and within a few minutes the wonders of the internet had provided us with some likely candidates. A particularly Lovely Couple, who are both Dom(me)s seemed most appropriate in terms of fit with what we like and what they like (good overlay on the rope bondage, objectification and service front). We were certainly taken with the idea of dinner in bondage, and also being turned into beautiful pieces of modern art. Drinks are going to be arranged, soon, with any luck.

It's particularly interesting for me because this might help me explore my feelings about other women. I identify as straight, and, a few teenage and/or drunken kisses and gropes aside I've never sought, desired or fantasised about sexual satisfaction with a woman. I wonder whether this mean that I won't enjoy or be able to submit to a woman: certainly I’m not scared by women or excited by them. Another key thing for me is strength and power, neither things I can imagine a woman being able to impose on me. Finally, penetration is important to me, skin-to-skin contact. Being blunt, I want to be fucked by a bloke.

Of course, none of these problems are insurmountable, especially with another (male) slave in the picture. I’ve discussed these thoughts briefly with The Photographer who thinks this might be a good avenue to work on these. I agree.

The initially promising Young Scientist seems to be, sadly, a bit of a berk, intent on proving through snarky comments The Immense Power Of His Sexual And Intellectual Dominance, despite the fact that I haven’t actually agreed to participate in his experiment. I may have provoked this, by pointing out that he had misspelled one of the phrases he said wanted me to spell out loud during a scene. I’d be more forgiving if it wasn’t “I’m coming” (too many “m”s in his version). I’m fairly convinced that if he can’t be reasonable outside of a scene, I am not sure he can be reasonable in one. However, continuing in the vein of such reasonableness, I have apologised for any possible hurt feelings, refrained from correcting the four typoes in his email and suggested we meet to discuss whether I am actually a suitable test subject or, as I suspect, a bit too much of a smart arse.

As a nice little aside, I have started a few nice conversations with people of a similar age and roughly similar experience to me, including Manchester Boy who was simply looking for someone to talk to about all of this as he's recently taken the plunge. It's a good feeling, to be able to advise as well as to take advice.


=][= said...

Odd, I had for some reason always read You as Bi, though heavy on the heterosexuality, most likely due to your knowledge of what You want and your comfort around other people.

electronic doll said...

As I said, I did experiment with girls, but as yet, still no joy.