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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The offers on the table

This is what is currently on offer to me, both via personal contacts and a recently posted profile on Informed Consent

The Photographer and I have been chatting via IM and more recently in person at a lovely dinner about potential play. We like roleplay, slavery and abuse. He's decided I would look lovely in a collar, I've decided that his cruel creativity via text message is exciting enough to warrant taking my clothes off. We're working through logistics, and also an interesting conversation about barter, which I'll post more on later. It's looking likely that he'll be the first Dom I'll post about on here, given that we know each other and have got that oh-so-important trust level sorted. Again, post to follow on trust. Next step: First scene.

Cute Top currently lives in Wales, but again, is a friend of mine, so we can get the ball rolling without The Intricate Dance of BDSM play (yes, another post about this later in the theory section). I've always thought he would be fun in bed, even though he is somewhat younger than me, so this was really an opportunity waiting to happen. I suspect this will be much more of a physical knock-about sporting endeavour than with The Photographer but it will be good to mix things up a little. Next step: First scene.

Ethical Hedonist
is a Dom who I've been exchanging messages via the internets. Of all the notes I've received thus far (and there have been a fair few, preen, preen) he is top of the pops. At least textually. Funny, witty, knows what he wants and on a voyage of self-discovery and improvement much like myself. Oh, and if the profile pic is to be believed, he's good looking. Next step: Face-to-face meeting.

I have also had innumerable offers of Being Spanked By Men Old Enough To Be My Dad, a guy who wanted to put me in 6 inch heels and a corset, a very polite enquiry to see if I fancied being trained alongside his girl (I don't think I do) and
some lovely notes from people looking for friends to chat with who I shall meet for coffee.

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