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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Lists

Having decided that there is no point just writing "everything" I think a list is in order. I'm pretty certain that as this goes along I will discover new things that I like, and also probably things that I hate, but for the moment these are the "must try" items for this year, in no particular order:
  • Piercings - definately nipples, possibly elsewhere
  • Threesomes and more - absolutely with two blokes, not so fussed about another girl
  • 24/7 relationship - might not be easy to achieve, but I'd like at least a weekend of it
  • Caning - I hear tell it hurts but is quite an experience, best to find out first hand
  • Anal sex - see above
  • Objectification and humiliation - sounds both wonderfully exciting and mortifying. So obviously got to do that
Things I'm hoping to get out of this:
  • Fun and excitement
  • Pleasure, or perhaps, sensation
  • New friends and interesting people (seriously)
  • Better understanding of me, how my body and brain ticks

And for the record, whilst I'm in the mood for lists, some things I'm worried about:
  • STDs and pregnancy
  • Getting hurt in a way I don't want to - physically and emotionally
  • Being stalked by a total nutjob
  • The possibility of having to "come out" to my parents

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