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Friday, 12 September 2008

Waxing lyrical

A very brief note, on the slightly tangential subject of body hair. I've always been an adherent of the smooth school, and have recently reacquainted myself with the joys of waxing, specifically, bikini waxing. I actually rather like process of being waxed, especially when I know that it's really part of a secret little BDSM ritual which makes all play and especially fucking feel a bit closer and more intimate. Being completely waxed makes me feel that more naked, vulnerable and open.

I enjoy the fussing and preening element to it as well as the attention to detail. The sensation of the warm wax together with both the anticipation of the tiny shock of the hair being ripped out (and it is more of a shock than a pain). The best part is to come, however, returning home to receive The Photographer's ministrations. Still a little sore and certainly very sensitive, even a light touch is heightened in a wonderful balance of pleasure-pain. I want to press my cunt closer to him, but part of me also flinches, wanting to shy away. Tender conflictions.

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