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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ordinary household items - Part 2

I place two lit tea-lights next to The Photographer's feet as he crouches on all fours. "You'll need to keep still now." I remind him. I take a lit taper and hold it a few feet above his back and start to slowly drop the wax onto his bare skin, there's something quite therapeutic about it - the pause between the drops, waiting for it to melt. He gasps at the first one, then seems to relax into it and I enjoy myself by carefully painting up and down his back with the wax.

After a short while, he is having difficulties with the chains on his nipple piercings so I down tools to remove them, and run some ice over the wax droplets and his abused nipples I move the tea-lights and unchain his legs. I take a length of rope and tightly bind his legs from ankle to mid-calf and then from just below his bottom to mid thigh, ensuring that his, by now really rather sensitive looking cock is held tight against his legs. I take some time to apply lube to a third chopstick and insert it into his anus inbetween the other two, then press a vibrator against the tips, listening with satisfaction to the moans.

Then on to the real reason for splattering him with wax: removing it. I sit in a kneeling position and press him down a little so his stomach is resting against my knees and I can put my arms around him. I take an extremely sharp knife that has been resting in a bowl of ice and run the blade gently down his spine, I ask him if he's ready and then gag him. It takes a long time to take the wax off. I pull the skin taut and then peel each spatter off him one by one. It feels uncannily like methodically removing skin, a sensation that he echoed when we later talked about it. I intersperse the wax removal with playing with the chopsticks.

Eventually he's ready, and I remove the bonds, the gag and the chopsticks and let him lick my cunt. If he does well, I'll let him come. Fortunately, he's very keen by this point, especially once I've added a vibrating cock ring, which turned him into my own personal vibrator, something I will certainly be repeating in the future.

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