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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ordinary household items - Part 1

I was reading a BDSM handbook recently and came across the charming word "pervertibles" - those day-to-day objects that can be easily put to better use. With that in mind, I prepared a session for The Photographer last night. For me, it was something of a turning point because not only did I have an awful lot of fun both planning and executing my schemes, I also felt that sensation of calm, controlled excitement and eroticism that many of my top friends talk about. Usually me topping him is a very adhoc affair, but this was different, and all the better for it. We played for around three hours, which was quite a long time for me to top, but it didn't feel that way. I'm going to split the post into two sections, for length, second to follow shortly.

He was quite jokey to start off with, and both of us got the giggles a little whilst I was undressing him (never set the ipod onto shuffle) which initially threw me but he quietened down when blindfolded. Once naked and in collar and wrist cuffs, I put him on all fours and removed the metal cock-ring he'd been wearing since this morning, noting how tender and sensitive he was from the little noise. I put chains around his ankles and secured them in place and threaded another length of chain through the front hoop on the collar and attached each end to the wrist cuffs. It was reasonably unlikely that he would go anywhere, however I wanted him to feel weighted down and secure. I used some finer lengths of chain to attach to his nipple piercings, placing them so that they swung, pendulum-like when I tapped them. I played with those for a while, enjoying his moans, and then linked them to the collar so that any movements he made would be felt by his very sensitive nipples.

I spent a while stroking his back and legs, warming up his skin gently, before pouring a stream of lube from the small of his back, over his anus and down onto the underside of his scrotum. I massaged him with my fingers to ensure he was nice and wet, letting him wriggle against me slightly. I took a long, smooth chopstick and started to drum lightly with it against the back of his legs and his cock and balls. I varied the pace for a while, and then slowly inserted the chopstick into his arse, wriggling it gently as I did so. Once in place, I took another chopstick and tapped the first one before sliding the second in. He moaned. It was wonderful. I felt totally in control.

"Now you're warmed up, we can start" I pressed my fingers into his mouth, and he sucked them, greedily.

I lit a candle.

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