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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Play public

I promised The Photographer I'd take him out, and top him in public. Antichrist where the edges of fetish bleed in with goth. Bleeds very slightly, like a deep scratch. Fundamentally, it's a goth club, with a small playroom. That said, there were several pieces of interesting kit and watchful house Doms. We met up with Offensive Charmer, who was charming as always and I think that the two of them hit it off. Leastways I was occasionally asked to listen in the other direction (not hard against the loud music) in order for them to speak about something. Vanity hopes it was me, but it might not have been.

The Photographer and I both found it hard to get into a reasonable headspace for play, and we mostly danced and chatted. Later on, we went back to the playroom where I had an interesting blast from the past in the form of a male sub I'd once topped at TG several years ago. Offensive Charmer introduced me to Esinem, who I have heard much about but never actually met. He put me in a lovely rope suspension bondage, whereupon I grinned like an bastard for a good while after and am still proudly sporting the marks.

I was now very much in the mood, despite the room not being the most conducive area to play in. There plenty of barging and a very high onlooker to player ratio. Not in and of itself a bad thing, if the space was bigger, because an audience is always nice, although now I was in the position of top, they gave a certain weight of expectation. I settled him down on his knees, removed his shirt, and chained him arms outstretched to a metal frame. I clipped his collar on a short leash to the frame so he couldn't lean back too far when I played with his piercings. I slid a chopstick through each ring and balanced them, so they pressed against his nipples and caused him to jerk every time I tapped them. I used another set to scratch then beat lightly on his back, making pretty pink lines appear. After a while I gagged him, then used a flogger on his back. The one I have has a smooth metal handle, and I pressed the cool of the metal against his skin once I'd warmed it up thoroughly.

When I take him home he later confesses a thrill from being a little "embarrassed" to use his precise word about being seen as a slave, in public. So I've squirrelled that piece of information away for later use.

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