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Friday, 26 September 2008


First play session with Switching Sides tonight, and I am a little nervous. In fact, I noticed a slight tremor in my hands this morning which could not be put down to gin and tonic consumption last night. I quite like the physical sensation of anticipation - makes me appreciate what's to come all the more, as well as adding a bite to the proceedings: a touch of adrenaline in the blood never did anyone any harm.

We've discussed what we are both interested in, what we do and don't want to do and I have also explained the situation regarding access to my cunt. And then re-clarified that with The Photographer so that I am certain of following expectations to the letter, to which end I have special dispensation for play, orgasm and penetration by objects, but not actual sex. I'm hoping to be able to show my gratitude at some point shortly, as well as enjoying tonight.

That all said, I don't know specifically what is going to happen, and from there perhaps, stem the nerves. As well as the fact that we will both be new to each other. I'm energised by these feelings, rather than made worried - the day I'm not excited about play is the day I will stop and re-evaluate. Part of the reason I find BDSM so pleasurable (and vanilla sex so "meh") is the heightened states of sensation, physical and otherwise: that shiver down the skin whilst waiting for what comes next.

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