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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Proper preparation

A short while ago The Photographer and I went out to a play club with Kiss Curls, a rather adorable girl we had met via IC. Sadly, she had a prior arrangement with some other people, so we didn't get to inflict or receive any abuse. We did, however, meet up with Twosome with the intention of playing together in a four. The Collective, a group of young kinksters, were also there, and the early part of the night turned into a very nice social gathering. We sat and chatted, made introductions where needed and swapped stories.

We had a brief meeting with Twosome in the pub beforehand ostensibly to assemble our thoughts but we never actually talked about what specifically we would do in the club and how our play might work. This, as it turned out, would have probably been a good idea. We got into the club and talked a bit then separated. Although we did watch a bit of each other's play, there was no group participation. I'm putting this squarely down to being new to each other in the first place and not having sounded out what we wanted to do beforehand.

We have all agreed that we shall certainly do better next time, and I am especially looking forward to arranging a little boy-on-boy for the delectation of the ladies, as well as organising some sort of complicated hierarchy, possibly through the medium of drawing straws and then negotiating over the finer details. I like planning, personally. Talking about what to do not only steadies the nerves but excites them: verbal foreplay.

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