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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You will believe a woman can fly

At the Peer Rope workshop on Sunday, marvelling at how relaxed and friendly the whole event is. We're in a big room and some kind soul has brought in extra heating for those of us who are prone to getting naked (those of you who know me will be surprised to learn I was actually the second person to get my kit off, rather than the first). There are gym mats on the floor providing some cushioning for those who want to do ground level work, and three steel frames with suspension points. Everyone is dressed very casually and the skill level varies from below beginner (me) all the way up, there's no formal process - you ask someone for help and they generally give it, assuming they aren't busy. I enjoyed watching the different styles of tying, how each set of partners (or groups in some cases) interacted, what sort of games they were playing with each other. Rope stories.

It was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. I got to be tied up a lot, and even learnt something. Captain took some time to show myself and Paris a few variations on a hog-tie. He'd spent the earlier part of the afternoon putting me into an upright web construction (later termed the "use every bit of rope at your disposal" tie), legs bound together, weight resting around my hips so I could "sit" reasonably comfortably, my arms extended and bound together as a handy rest for a pint glass. I like being both attractive and functional. Hedwig noted how grounded being tied up makes you, and I have to agree. I felt calm and relaxed, limber. Even after I'd been released, divested of my hemp charms. The sensation was akin to having just had a massage or waking up from a nap - refreshed, a little self-absorbed and happy. It wasn't a giddy feeling, or particularly within subspace (that happened whilst I was tied up and he decided to spank me) just a gentle feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

"Do you want to fly?" Captain to me. I grin. Of course I do. He places me squarely in the centre of one of the rigs and starts to tie. Unusually for me, I chat to him whilst he's doing it. Normally I'd be in full "play" mode, passive and quiet, but because of the space I find myself interacting, talking to him about what he is doing, where the weight is going to fall. I get rope down the side of my legs, secured across the limb, a little like calipers. My arms are tied behind me and a chest harness wraps my breasts. As more rope goes on I get little quieter, sentences become words become noises. I stop responding to my surroundings and start responding to the rope and to him. Especially once I'm up in the air. My legs are up behind me, curling over somewhat, most of my weight is pushed forward, resting on the rope under my chest, which restricts my breathing. To support me more, I get another set of rope under my hips and become balanced. Pitched in mid air. I grin, I can feel the pull and press of myself held in place. At which point Hedwig announces that there is a handy vibrator just next to us. Captain grins and straps it against my cunt, pressing it hard against me. I part moan and part giggle, in delight at the sensation and the situation, especially as he leans close and pinches my nipple piercings. I can feel him rub against me, smell his skin and I get a very strong urge to be fucked by him right now. Needless to say there is nothing I can do about this except continue to hang there and make noises.


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