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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hot spot

I don't know what to make of this really. Except to giggle a bit. Some scientists are claiming that after a lot of fumbling around, they can't find the G-spot. Cue amusing XKCD cartoon.

Now, obviously I'm just adding to the vast piles of puns and snide remarks on the subject, which isn't very sporting or grown-up of me. So, I'll add some support. I don't think I have a G-spot. I've never had anyone who was able to "find it" (as if it were some lost city of gold or something) with or without implements. And I'm fairly certain I've tried a wide range of activities that might lead one to discover such a thing. Yes, there are certain positions and certain occasions during fucking that have been more pleasurable than others but I just took that to be natural variation of space, time and my cunt.

What the results seem to show, is not that it doesn't exist, merely that this particular study didn't find anything conclusive. So the games still on, then?


Mark said...

The problem seems to be the interpretation of 'exist', there is an area of tissue (oh god I'm sounding clinical now) which varies in character and sensitivity in different women, in some it's physically different enough to be noticeable and more sensitive than other surrounding tissue enough to be noticeable.
In some women it's easy to find by feel and/or reaction and in other women you're wasting time and effort.
Never encountered a women who didn't have one but the nature of it varies to the point of being not worth maying attention to, wheras on some women it is 'the' thing to pay attention too, it's so hugely variable that it can't be said to 'exist' in the way a clot 'exists' (ie every woman has one).

Damn fine way to spend some scientific research money though!

electronic doll said...

Yes, additionally, the team in question were studying a very specific group of women and a lot of the study was more about asking them whether they thought they had one rather than doing what I would have done - start with tissue scans then move on to practicals.

Martin Millar said...
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electronic doll said...

I'm just disappointed that they couldn't make a "search for the g-spot using twins" study more interesting.

I'm sure that 50% of porn has that as a premise.

zoecb said...

All I know is that I must have one through the observation of cause and effect. It is essentially a button up inside somewhere which when stimulated in the right way (and for me it needs to be 'really quite roughly') causes me to squirt. The two things are consistently linked.

Clitoral stimulation, whilst remaining the number one physical, sensation-based cause of tingly orgasm-causing pleasure, has never triggered the same phenomenon of female ejaculation.

My opinion on the matter would be that it varies in size and/or sensitivity from woman to woman and the ones who get the most from it happen to be at the top end of the scale and plenty don't have one big or sensitive or protruding enough, whatever it is that makes them do things, to be able to get anything from them. This is entirely speculation but it makes sense to me.

There's an episode of Nip/Tuck where they inject collagen into a g-spot to make it bigger to increase pleasure - not that this is necessarily based on any medical fact whatsoever, it's just TV fiction, but it doesn't sound wildly implausible as an explanation of how they might work.

electronic doll said...

Hi Zoe,

Yes, I agree with you that difference in biology / physical makeup are probably key here.

I'm interested in the different types of orgasm, and that g-spot stimulation might have a direct physical response that is only present in that sort of orgasm.