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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Shiny futures

I'm anticipating a number of excursions and activities over the next week or so, and currently dosing myself up against a rotten cold in order to do them with a minimum of snuffling. With that in mind, I thought it worthwhile writing up not quite a list of resolutions, but certainly racking up some activities and explorations for next year. I've never thought it a good idea to deal in intangibles, such as finding the love of my life, instead keeping to practical and achievable goals:
  • Threesomes (and moresomes) with boys. The ever-lovely Spirit has promised a sneak peek into her little black electronic notebook for good looking chaps game for group sex. I am also looking forward to finding out what she wants in exchange for this service.
  • Domination. I'm going to keep exploring what my dominant side looks and feels like, what sort of scenarios and psychological power exchanges interest me. Humiliation, pet play, objectification and perfect gentlemen servants are all on the radar.
  • Topping. I am interested in the physicality of taking what I want and developing the skills to do so.
  • Rope. I've made Ringmaster promise to teach me to do at least one decent tie. We've got a whole year, so with any luck I'll manage it this time. (I made the same promise to myself in 2008). Plus, being on the team for Peer Rope London and unable to do even a simple chest harness is frankly, a little embarrassing.
  • Outdoor activity. For some reason thoughts of hunting, drowning in lakes and getting dirty in forests is appealing. Perhaps it's the mild temperature brought on by the cold as normally I'm an urban animal, we'll see.
  • Being boyish. Being a switch, my submissive side hasn't vanished completely, and I'm finding myself taken with the idea of being someone's boy, alongside the dominant thoughts of topping people in my masculine persona.
  • Body shaping. I'm enjoying the difference that extra muscles and being a bit leaner has on how I move and feel. It also sits well with my feelings of androgyny, so it looks as if there are more gym sessions in the future.
  • Public performance. I had a lot of fun doing the few shows I did in 2010, and would like to do lots more.
  • The Doll Project. Neglected, but still beloved. Things for this year will be working out what dominant dolls could look like, alongside masculine dolls and making dolls of other people, especially "himbo-ish" boy dolls.
Probably enough to be getting on with, for now.

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