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Friday, 24 December 2010

This is an automatically generated message

Another day, another slew of memos on dating websites, both BDSM and vanilla. There were a few reasonable ones, including some musings on The Doll Project, but some frankly tedious ones. After getting deeply bored with writing the same reply over and over and over again, I made this:


This is a copy and paste reply


Sorry about this, but it looks like you haven't read my profile!

Chances are you have done one or more of the following:

No face photo
Blank profile
Were horribly rude (surely not!)
Are asking about things that are completely different or contradictory to what I'm looking for.

Have another read through my profile (maybe make yourself a cup of tea). Perhaps after reading it over you'll decide to have another go, or that I'm not worth the fuss and that there are other fish in the sea.

Either way, take care and all the best, unless you were rude, in which case, shame on you!

e.d. x


Firm, but fair, I thought. And saving me precious typing time I can better dedicate elsewhere. Like a nice, long email to Blondie on the precise nature of boys who like to say "no" and what might happen to them.


M said...

As a guy on dating and fetish social networking sites, I think that honestly. This copy and paste reply is more than some of these guys deserve.

But it is very noble, considerate, and it does give them a chance. I like this approach.

Messaging a potential friend/partner/fucktoy always has dangers of rejection, its comparable to applying to a job. I wish that, just as I get job rejections (many these days, I must add), it would be at least nice to explain why a girl isn't interested in me.

Or is that too cruel? My ex seemed to know many things about what was flawed about me when we broke up. I tried to be magnanimous and just accept them.

Maybe a feedback rejection letter would be amusing after a not-so-great date. Dear date: you performed the following minor faux pas a,b,c, of which you can suffice a minimum of 5 without putting me off, but a major faux pas is an automatic rejection.

Now dating sounds like driving lessons. It's all the same really. Life is routinised rejection. Or maybe that's just me.

electronic doll said...


Thanks for this, I guess I feel like I do have to reply to anyone who takes the time to message me, it seems only polite.

That said I'm not certain that a feedback form after a date is quite the way to go, even I am unlikely to be that clinical.

Unless it was consensual clinical...