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Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I like cleaning The Photographer's cock with my tongue, after he's used me. The service element is pleasing, in and of itself, and the fact that it has practical use makes it better - like CP or pain play I can get more into service if there is an actual reason for doing it. Being punished for something that you have done wrong is cathartic, and so is serving in this case - it is the end of the act, a set of finishing touches that show him how much I care. There is an element of body worship involved also, I like the way that all parts of my body are used to ensure his pleasure, to make him not just sexually satisfied but also comfortable and content. Happy.

There is a routine to it, which is pleasing in and of itself, I like ritual and I like things to be done just so - neat and precise. I'll start between his legs, the inner thighs, then move to his perineum. The trick is to lick in firm, solid strokes, the goal is cleanliness, not sexual arousal: it's about using my body as a efficient medium of service. I'll move over to his balls, first one, then the next, I like to try and use my hands as little as possible, focusing on the mouth and the tongue to sweep away any trace of my own juices, I'll lick and suck until the taste is gone.

Once this is done, I'll move over to his stomach, down from the belly-button and over to the base of his cock, licking in a smooth movement from one hip to the other. I save his cock for last. Lapping like a dog, and there is a sense in which this is somewhat animalistic, slightly fawning in its appreciation. Again, I'll use the minimum strokes required to do the job, not because I want to get it over and done with, but because I don't want to get distracted (which I will) and end up playing with him, when I should be cleaning him. I place his cock in my mouth at the last, and giving a few, long pulls up the shaft I wrap my tongue around the base, finishing with one or two little flicks to the tip.

He'll reach down, and put a hand on my shoulder then, pulling me up and holding me to him. I'll rest my head on his chest and maybe he'll stroke my hair. I'll close my eyes, smiling. Mutual satisfaction.

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