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Friday, 12 June 2009

Bag of tricks

The Photographer and I have a date tonight with a couple who we've been trying to pin down (been trying to be pinned down by them?) for some time now. We are hopeful for an evening play session in a hotel, or similar, assuming that they like the look of us, but nothing is ever certain. They requested that we bring some items for "show and tell" and so I've got the goodies, given that the majority of our kit lurks under my bed, and in my drawers, and under my staircase....

As usual, I probably put too much thought into what I was packing. Because what you bring along isn't just about what you want to have done to you, it sets a certain tone. At least, that's what I would notice and think about if I'd asked someone to do the same, like checking a man's shoes when giving him the once-over on the tube. So it is, quite literally, a mixed bag.

I've got a number of things in pairs, because that keeps us both involved - two blindfolds, two sets of cuffs, two gags. No impact toys - I don't have that many, and they are not precisely handbag sized, as open and artistic as my job is, walking into work clinking is probably not career enhancing. Or not career enhancing in the way I would like. What I do have, which is small, noiseless and something I've been dying to try out, is a set of little wooden clothes pegs bought from a stationary store. I'm hoping they will at least raise a smile, if not some thoughts.

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