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Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I can feel something pull at my nipple piercings, and I moan softly. It's Kiss Curls, I can tell from the brush of her lips against my cheek. I'm blindfolded and tied face forward to a St Andrew's cross, the pulling continues and I get a little louder. I'm reasonably sure The Photographer is watching. I hope he is watching. Then, without warning, a firm slap is delivered to my back, then many more, in a quick, steady drumming sensation which builds up to a deep, thudding pain at which I start to cry out. It is a fantastic feeling, actually: part heavy sports massage, part beating - warming up all my muscles and then bullying them into submission. The rhythm stops and someone thrusts hard against my arse, gyrating a little:

"Guess who?" Hedwig, but of course. Then they both continue to play with my front and back, my corset is discarded and I am blissfully pinched, slapped, tweaked and kissed. Girl on girl on girl. My blindfold is removed and I grin massively at them both, catching in the corner of my eye The Photographer and Ethical Hedonist watching with an air of amusement. Then the girls sing Happy Birthday and we all burst out laughing.

We went to Subversion on Saturday, meeting up with Offensive Charmer once we arrived. It was a good night for getting to know new people, chatting and watching different styles of play. There was plenty of equipment including some of my personal favourites - tables and racks that are also cages. I just have yet to work out something exciting to do with this combination. I want to make cages work because I love the idea of them, especially the smaller ones, where someone (or better yet, two people) have to be close together on their knees. Waiting to be used is a very erotic concept, putting me in mind of concubines, slaves and also dangerous animals that need to be secluded. Cages are like boxes, keeping something safe, away from anyone else, a prize possession or beautiful object. At the moment though, they remain better in my mind than in practice.

My current issue with a cage is that you put someone in and then, well, they are in a cage aren't they, on the horrible this-is-actually-a-student-union floor, getting slowly cold and bored. I'm thinking along the lines of cage as a grope box or to tie someone in such a way that they can interact with the person being beaten on top but the club was quite crowded and really the caged one might just end up being ignored. Which is a fitting punishment, especially for someone like me, but not a great way to spend a night out. Personal preferences I guess, and I'm sure that for some people being tethered and abandoned in such a way would work, but not for me. The cage needs to be the beginning of something, a start, not a thing in and of itself. It's possible that it would work much better in private play with more time to dedicate to building a scene around it, although this will have to wait until I have a little more space and a little less vanilla flatmate.


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

IMHO, the cage works best in isolation, left alone, naked, in the dark, waiting. You know your top is going to come in a hurt you, but you don't know when, and just have to wait in crushing boredom. Then the sensory overload of suddenly being taken out and beaten is all the more heightened. Yum!

electronic doll said...

That's a good point, hadn't considered the balance of sensation between isolation and overload, I think it really is a personal taste issue. For me (and I do have a terribly short attention span, I blame MTV) I just don't know how I'd deal with the boredom or the waiting and whether I'd just switch off. Still, I will of course try anything once.