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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Chemical dependency

The thought occurs that sub-space, like being in love and orgasm, is something that if you think you don't know whether you have experienced it, then you almost certainly haven't. So, with that logic, it's fair to say that I absolutely have, but it took a while. Descriptions of sub-space feel a little like those magic eye pictures, which I can't see, everyone assuring me that, yes it's there, I just need to focus, or relax, or both at the same time. I still can't see magic eye pictures and I think there is more to subspace than just a general encouragement to "let go".

A lot of the people I've spoken to indicate that pain is important in getting them there, and certainly I find that this can push me into deeper feelings, pushing away ephemeral concerns, calming me and allowing me to switch off. It's interesting to consider how this actually works. I'm basing the following on how the bodies autonomic system functions and the likely impact of BDSM activity upon the chemical balance.

Stress in the short term triggers the release of adrenaline, increasing heart rate and converting glycogen into glucose, raising blood sugar levels. This is the classic fight-or-flight response, and it is reasonable to take this as the initial biological response to pain. However, in a situation where neither fight nor flight is possible (bondage for example) and where the pain is also pleasurable, then norepinephrine would also released, which is stimulated by arousal and alertness, both of which will be in evidence.

Pleasure/pain. A push and a pull taking you in both directions at once, which, assuming the forces are as equal as they are opposite, holds you static. And that is for me the essence of submissive space, it is a place where you are kept still light and floating on a sea of blood-red calm. When I'm there I can hear static in my ears, crackling at the edges of my senses, I start to lose sense of myself as a shape, even less as a person and I do not connect with the world around me except those parts of it containing my partner and the sensations they are giving to me. I'm not in the bedroom, or in the club, or anywhere except deep down within myself, caressed with chemical kisses and buffeted in storms of sensation. Carried away? Absolutely.

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machine said...

that is a sweet theory, and I concur. Subspace is like the aurora borialis, if you are not sure you have seen it, you have not seen it! I am sure we all have our ways to reach an altered state. I enjoy many forms myself. I will never forget being collared in public, just the once. And floating on air all afternoon. although I reach different states as a dom, there is a definite link whick places both dom and sub so closely together. It feels like fire and ice. Submitting is a white smooth wall i slip across, my dominance is a fierce fire imerssing me in joyfull immolation. i enjoy domination more often, my kick is looking into her eyes and seeing the lustful joy I am bringing to life. her cries and writhing sweat soaked body are my goad.