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Monday, 31 January 2011

Pairing people

I had my first "official" (in as much as these things are measured, I suppose) club outing with Dandy and Mannequin as a working threesome. The hierarchy we've been flirting with, in quite a casual sense because we're still feeling each other out is myself on top, Mannequin on the bottom and Dandy in the middle. For Pedestal I kept the pair of them on leashes as my submissives and then tried to keep the smug grin off my face for the entire evening whilst also suppressing a small note of nervousness - performance anxiety twinges.

Putting the collar on is something of a ritual for me, and most people I suppose. It's something I need to do before anything else physical can happen. There's a spark when it happens, snapping the buckle shut and feeling the skin of their neck under my fingers. Both of them reacted, heads bowing, slowing down slightly and becoming still. A change. The collar is a sign that play is going to happen, and also a kind of social contract of control and ownership (however temporary). During the time that the collar is on, they are mine to use how I want. It's important to me, even though I know that collars are only objects, and the ones I used were neither special nor particular to me, both submissives had in fact brought collars of their own at my request. I am not yet at the stage where I want to buy collars to give to people, but I do want them to use in play, especially in public where I want to signal to others.

It's also a flag from a starting pistol, and my nerves subsided to be replaced by a different kind of energy. The dom space is sometimes a little like a HUD I can see the elements of play and how I might interact with them: my kit bag, the two submissives, the furniture in the room. Waiting for me to make my move. I was concerned with finding the best ways to get them to interact: having two people means making sure that neither feels left out or ignored (except in ways that you want them to be so) and it also means controlling their relationship with each other as well as with you.

I started by getting Dandy to put Mannequin on a St Andrews Cross, then alternating between putting him in front or on the cross behind her. I blindfolded one and gagged the other, the see no evil, speak no evil appealed to me. I like the look of them together, especially when snug tight. I'm still exploring both of their bodies and reactions, although I know his better than hers. Some flogging and general tweaks and taps, particularly with a pair of silver chopsticks which remain my favourite bit of kit. All the time I was watching and checking on them to see what was working and what wasn't. The club was busy so it was hard to get the space to build up to a decent flogging so I had to cut short, which was a bit annoying.

I moved them over to the sofa, enjoying being strong enough to bodily lift Mannequin (although she is small) and haul her over by putting one hand under her cunt and the other arm around her shoulders. I sent Dandy to the bar for water and also to put on a cock ring with multiple gates - I like chastity in all its forms and knew he hadn't had an orgasm that day so wanted to remind him of this and keep him keen. Meanwhile, I bent her over my knee to deliver some spanking. I'm surprising myself by how much I enjoy doing this. There's the pleasure in giving blows by hand, so I can feel the exact reaction on their skin, plus the satisfaction of touching wherever I want. I like the skin on skin connection, the warmth generated on the bottom as well as my hand and being able to feel how the impact is building up - my hand starts to smart so they are probably stinging a little as well. I also like the face-down impersonal nature of it, being able to press her face into the sofa, or pull on her cute plaits. When the boy brought the cold water back I rolled it over her now quite pink skin. I alternated with straddling one of them on top of the other, facing each other so they could kiss were it not for the gag. I cuffed their hands around each other and flogged whichever back was exposed, playing on the fact that whichever one of them was underneath was being "protected" by the other.

By that point I wanted to take a break and socialise a little, plus I needed to marshall my thoughts based on their reactions thus far. Mannequin was obviously calmer and more willing to submit than Dandy who was clearly out of sorts, fiddling unhappily with the collar and the cock ring, eventually and with a lot of sad looks asking to remove it. His body twitches were a little strange to me as well, the usual buttons were giving only partial responses. At this point I had a decision to make concerning ongoing behaviour management: he wasn't giving me what I wanted, but on the other hand he was obviously upset with himself and wasn't bratting or withholding. There was no point in delivering a punishment, especially given that the kind of set up we have isn't about formal training. I could either just leave him be, in which case he would probably feel more upset due to being excluded and therefore "disappointing" or I could try a different tack.

I took them both over to a horse with a frame above it, and sat them facing each other, clipping their collars together, letting them kiss. I tied their arms outstretched, then put a squeaky bone shaped dog toy in their mouths which they duly fought over. That made me smile, and gathered something of a crowd as well as a photographer. I had a strange moment of pleasure watching the pair of them interact. Something akin to benevolent warmth: a pride at having orchestrated the moment and also a fondness for the pair of them as "mine". There's an abstraction involved in this sort of scenario because I was physically removed, delivering the sensation rather than being a direct part of it.

Their position meant I could move around both of them, though again space was an issue - in another context doing this harder and for longer would be ideal, and also including more cruel methods of forced interaction. After a while, I felt like we were all getting tired and decided to take them both home. Until that point I hadn't really considered how the night was going to end up, usually I would go home by myself, but I wanted to fuck them and it was a non-fucking club. I also wanted to be close to them and had an almost animalistic alpha sense of pride and place.

We went home for cups of tea, blankets and a threesome. Perfect.

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