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Sunday, 30 January 2011


I have this to say. If you are a woman, and you are feeling a little bit down, then get yourself to Pedestal. I cannot believe that I have been in London this long and not been there, or rather I know why. Practical reasons were that it used to be on a Thursday and I used to be the submissive in a Mf relationship. Now that both of those have evaporated I only had my misconceptions to face. Which were that neither the people nor the type of club was "for me". I imagined - I'm not sure why now, having been there - that it would be a bit vanilla-kink with no good play or play kit and that it would be a bit swinger-esque, full of haughty hatchet faced femmes or poor women pretending to be dominant to satisfy partners who were shuffling Igors (a hideous stereotype that exists in my nasty, body-fascist brain: "yeth mithtreth" lisping unattractive male submissives that are grabby over unrequired foot massages).

I was wrong. I'd allowed myself to be blinded by bad scene beliefs about what femdom looks like. And never have I been quite so glad to be so wrong.

Arriving at the club with Dandy and a large group of friends, I was prepared for the worst. The boy was under instructions to keep any over-keen pushy men away from me. I had a lot of pre-arranged play so knew I'd be busy: Mannequin was arriving shortly and I intended to have a pretty boy and girl on a leash all evening. I walked up the stairs and was greeted by a good looking semi-naked and sculpted male submissive on his knees with white roses for all the ladies. I then went through to a busy, well kitted play room with plenty of comfy sofas to sit on. We placed our (many, many) kit bags on the floor and set about having fun.

I amused myself by writing "property of electronic doll" on the legs of my boy and girl, then took them for a walk so we could inspect the place. I was taken by a couple of lovely little touches - the house slaves held doors open, canapes came around during the evening and there was some nice kit including a grope box and an envy-inducing spherical iron wrought cage which a friend of mine put two boys inside. There was a dance area which we ignored, and beyond that there were specific and well advertised sections for certain sorts of protocol: an area where men had to be on their knees, another for where men could only speak when spoken to. My one issue was that the focus was on male submissives (all signage and suchlike was about men serving women) and whilst the female submissives in our group were accepted and no-one batted an eyelid at our Ff arrangements the club tended towards a hetero flavour.

The place was well attended, and there was a good amount of male submissive eye candy (there was also men who didn't do it for me, but until cloning Brad Pitt is allowable, that will happen). I remember being particularly taken with a doe eyed house submissive who was fluttering his eyelashes at me.
The only offer of a foot massage that was actually given to me was by a nice looking shaven headed chap in reference to Mannequin who was face down in my lap and her feet were right on his leg. Everyone I met or chatted to was pleasant, chillled out and very polite. I had absolutely no unwanted attention, which makes a change from every other club I've attended, no-one attempted to touch me or do that irritating "shuffle close to someone whilst they are playing" behaviour that makes me want to thump them.

So, in summary. Pedestal. I'm sorry I ever thought you were anything other than awesome. When's the next one?


Severin said...

So can you confirm whether this is true or just an urban myth?

I've heard that there's something they call a "Goddess Room". If this is true, I can never go near the place - for i would laugh uncontrollably at the thought of anyone being so far up themselves as to think themselves a goddess.

I'm going to assume it's joke.

electronic doll said...

There is a Goddess Room, I avoided it.

That said, "Goddess" (although I don't personally like it) is a pretty standard and well known femdom title as much as "Sir" or "Master" are for male doms. Is that being "up yourself"?

As a woman struggling to find an appropriate dominant title, I can tell you it's not easy to find something that is strong and powerful without causing the giggles.