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Friday, 29 May 2009

Dinner is served

I've been having more and more feelings of toppiness lately. Must be the heat. For example, I've always want to host a BDSM dinner party (no, not an original thought, I know, but it's still a good idea) however these days I want to be the hostess, rather than the table. I've chatted to almost everyone I know about it and now the time has come to actually attempt to do something about it. The etiquette for such a thing interests me almost as much as the dinner itself - it has all the standard requirements, who to sit next to who, whether to invite people who all know each other or those who you think will get on well. Plus some additional ones. Who is interested in doing what to who. And that's before I've even contemplated any dietary requirements...

The key has got to be getting people who are comfortable playing together, and who can have fun. This is not a night for the super-serious, I don't think. Ideally, I'd like six people, three pairs of folk. Talking to Knight of Wands last night made me realise that there's a lot of ground work to be done in finding a group of six who could eat and play comfortably together. I like the idea of the subs / bottoms waiting at table, and providing entertainment in between courses, probably with a series of games being played. I also really like the idea of creating an objet d'art out of one of the submissives, to watch or entertain ourselves with during dinner, and a submissive as a dessert. Or for dessert. With cream any way. I'm not sure that there is enough room in one evening to fit all of my ideas in, but I should probably attempt to make a start on that guest list.

And some house rules...

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