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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Boys, boys, boys

"I need to get some cock."

The Photographer has clearly been having interesting dreams, I'd like to get into his head on this one. I fully support him in this endeavour but oh my! It's difficult. The world is populated by Heterosexual Doms, it would appear. A catch-phrase that has had us both smiling wryly since someone once introduced themselves as such. Fair enough, it's nice to be clear. But are you sure you wouldn't even like to try, just once, before making that decision? Just a little taste?

Whether it is as a voyeur, a willing participant, an active orchestrator or just to be able to hear tales of it, I want a bloke to fuck him. Play with him. Tie him up. I would like to watch, if I couldn't be involved, but at this rate I'd be happy enough sat in another room listening to the moans. Even in another part of London, and thinking about the moans.

It's one thing attempting to be a sexual omnivore, but I'm becoming concerned that these boys might be out of season. Another bout of strenuous hunting is clearly in order.

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