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Friday, 8 May 2009

A deux

The Photographer and I have a date this Satuday, with the extremely charming Smart Set, a switch couple who we have been chatting to for a while. We met up with them some weeks ago for a few glasses of wine and to see whether we had anything in common. An hour or so later and the gender division of mental labour was already in place with my talking to her about the value and importance of understanding the psychological underpinnings of D/s play and both of the men looking somewhat askance and responding that they just like being tied up.

When they have previously played with couples it has been in a switching role, so one has taken sides against the other with the new parties following suit, so the idea of "double domming" is reasonably new to them. We talked through likes, dislikes and limits and found ourselves nicely on the same page: stimulation, sens dep, electro-play, objectification, bondage, gags and hoods all good. They even have a space set up in a cellar area for locking someone up for a length of time, complete with camera to ensure both safety and voyeurism are attended to. That coupled with a penetration device that alternates between vibrating and delivering electric shocks depending on how still and well-behaved you are (motion sensor) proving once again that geeks are some of the best BDSM enablers.

We have an email set of instructions to arrive at their house, let ourselves in to the downstairs rooms at a pre-arranged time where we will find another set of instructions for what to do next and given we are scheduled for an overnight stay I am quite excited. It's been a while since my last extended play session, and certainly a while since The Photographer and I subbed together. Fingers crossed, looking forward to a bumpy ride.

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