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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Ongoing experiments

There are a number of works-in-progress that have been recently enduring a hiatus whilst my Real Life (as it is so often, and slightly, confusingly called) needed a bit of ironing out. I am now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and dearly hope it is the ozone scented flicker of a violet wand.

So I return to the list, or lists even, as The Photographer and I have been sharing a number of delicious possibilities. We've recently started up a threat/promise system where we verbally agree to do something awfully wonderful to each other including a torture scenario and an entire weekend of slavery. As with all cunning linguistic treats the switch side of me becomes more prominent and I can visualise myself happily on either end, as it were: last night for example I had a hankering for nothing more than a collared slave boy between my legs and a large packet of Cadbury's chocolate buttons. My brain decided that there would be something a little special about the combination of chocolate melting in my mouth whilst melting occured in other areas. I've filed it for the future, at any rate.

There are three main areas of exploration that require a bit more thought and effort, that we can't do just yet, or by ourselves.
  • More couple play - both Lovely Couple and Twosome are a little hard to keep in touch with, but we remain optimistic about going further in the future. Subbing with The Photographer has some really interesting mental spaces that I want to explore further and I have promised him that I will find another submissive boy for him to be enslaved with (voyueristic cock sucking and boy kissing, with or without chocolate buttons).
  • BDSM weekender - perhaps in a specific venue with plenty of kit, possibly in tandem with a few other like-minded souls and even (if I get very exciteable, which I do) with that much mooted dinner party thrown in for good measure. We want to take the idea of a dirty weekend and take it to it's logical extreme.
  • Pony play - this is probably going to be the most difficult to achieve. Kit is a big blocker as we have very little that is appropriate. For me, part of the sensation of this would be in the transformation process, to go from being human to animal so looking right would be important. Then of course there is the outdoor part and all the difficulties with that (it being October and all).
On a more personal level, I am still keeping up with Offensive Charmer, although mostly via email as we are both circling in diary hell right now, and Different Drummer and I have exchanged a few brief ideas centered mostly around the idea of hypnosis and pain levels, which is more than intriguing, but not the sort of thing that can be done in a noisy club.

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