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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Being ill is one thing. Being ill with something that makes having sex painful is completely unfair. I object. My body has noted my objections and is just resorting to silently grumbling as I take anti-biotics. I have cystitis. And currently experiencing a rather nasty attack. For those of you who are blessed with unawareness it is a horrible, painful and often-times humiliating (not in a good way) illness in which your bladder attempts to kill you by becoming full of acid which then burns every time you need to go to the bathroom. Which is often, because the sensation of a full bladder is part of the symptom package. Additionally there will be pain. Some doctors will choose to describe this as "discomfort" that is because some doctors are male and are extremely unlikely to ever have cystitis.

I am currently, therefore, somewhat grumpy and sleep deprived. I'm also contemplating, not for the first time, the effect that my sexual activity has on my general health. Cystitis can be exacerbated by rough sex, and also by spermicide. I don't think this is by any stretch of the imagination a purely BDSM related thing, but certainly liking a more excitable rhythm in one's fucking might be a potential cause. Which is of course, a worrying thing. Bruises and cuts I can cope with, they only hurt for a bit and that's usually a nice reminder. This, less so.

An ongoing problem with this would really put a cramp in my lifestyle, long-term bondage or mummification would be difficult, chastity devices problematic and I would have to be extra-ordinarily careful about all forms of insertion and pressure. Which would be a shame as these are all things I like. I'm hoping this is just a sporadic incident, caused
because I've been run down recently (I had the dreaded flu) and so my immune system is a bit feeble. I'm also looking into long term preventative methods, although they do include a very long course of low-dosage anti-biotics which worries me slightly. However, not having to feel like this ever again would be really rather nice. So off to the doctors tomorrow to explain, in no uncertain terms, that this is rather more than mere "discomfort". I will probably not add "and I'm a masochist, so I should know". But we shall see.


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

Sounds like you need two aspirin and some bed rest. Hope you get well soon!

electronic doll said...

Thank you, that's pretty much what I'm doing.