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Friday, 3 July 2009

Ice, ice, baby

First edition in a series of ways to be kinky when it is very hot. There was a thread on IC about this, although it focused primarily on horrible things to do with submissives in the heat, such as leaving them outside to get sunburn (my health and safety warning lights went on at that one), to tying them up in a puddle of mud and making the piggy roll around to avoid sunburn. Instinctively I feel that given the sun is a difficult medium for even the best dominant to control, it should be avoided rather than harnessed, as a pale-skinned person I'm very conscious of the long term dangers of exposure to sunlight. Give me a decent, zero-UV flogging any day. Indoors. With the windows open and the blinds pulled down. Or outdoors at night.

The Photographer is too hot: that makes him lethargic and easier to manipulate, I wonder whether the heat makes him more prone to submissiveness, either it's just a natural inclination to lying down and being fussed over, whether in a painful or pleasurable way. I've put him on his stomach, ankles and wrists cuffed, then clipped together in a hogtie. I blindfold him and leave him for a while. As often happens, I do unto others as I would be done to. In this case, I've been having visions of being fucked with ice-cream, so whilst I had him prone, I decided to turn the tables. I started off with a series of ice-cubes placed along his back, and one in his mouth to keep him busy. Then I placed a mini-milk into a condom, applied a bit of lube and spent a diverting twenty minutes or so pressing it against the base of his cock, and then into his arse.

I was reasonably happy with how it went, although it did melt quickly, so wasn't as hard for as long as I'd like, which made fucking him with it difficult. I think my idealised scenario would be either to try ice-lollies, or to have a few to hand, so I could replace them one after the other. I'd also like to feed him the melted remains dripped from the used condom, perhaps making him lick it from a plate or bowl, doggie style, on all fours whilst the next one melted inside him.

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