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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Forthcoming attractions

The Photographer and I have been having a little review of our joint game plan for co-subbing, which has turned up all sorts of interesting and interesting-for-the-wrong-reasons asides. We have waded through a fair number of notes which seem to have no point to them, or which are terribly vague and ambiguous along the lines of "oh, I couldn't possibly tell you what my super secret plans are for that would ruin my mystique." Which is all very well once all parties have agreed to what they do and don't want to do, but a little difficult as a starting position for negotiation. There is also some general silliness over those who respond to a profile which clearly states we are a couple, and both want to be involved, with messages that contain the warning phrase "I'm straight, but" which is usually a forerunner that segues into "I'd like to fuck the female part of the equation". Sorry, wrong tree to be barking up.

New people bring up new activities, naturally turns into thoughts on what kit we need to buy or get our hands on. There have been some lovely notes flying round from Reining In, an experienced lifestyle Dom, on the subject of foot sizes for pony boots and dress sizes for harnesses, which feels a little like Fashion Wheel for the BDSM generation and is exciting to the girl in me who loves dressing up, and the woman in me who likes being stroked, petted then tied up in tight leather. We've scheduled a meet up for mid-March and he seems like a fun and down-to-earth person: jokes about dogs sulking because the new kennel has not been built for them and a frankness over what types of play are on offer and what is not has made him seem like a breath of fresh air.

Other purveyors of crisp oxygen are Mixed Doubles who we are due to meet at Antichrist this weekend for some yet-to-be-determined activity. We've chatted a few times and they have a reassuring air of being extremely comfortable and confident in what they do and a genuine sense of really, really enjoying it. So whilst we have not exactly laid out word for word what we want to do I feel safe putting myself (and himself) into their hands. And finally, we are still in touch with Food of Love, a Mf couple looking to put together a troupe of slaves, and whilst a second round of drinks is certainly on the cards we are not quite sure where we might go from there, but the fact that they are people with whom you can share a drink and a conversation makes for a good start.

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