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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rainy day

I spent a very interesting day with Mr and Mrs Magpie a few weeks ago and have been turning it over in my mind ever since. Not because it was "bad", I hasten to say, but because it revealed a lot of things about myself and my kinks. I'd been looking forward to playing with them for a long while, we first met back in the dim and distant past of my still belonging to The Photographer and have talked a lot but actually done rather little (though the talking was a lot of fun and Mr Magpie and I have a shared joy at both being word-nerds). They had invited me to come and spend time in one of those kinky cottages for rent exploring the world of rainwear fetish in greater depth. Now, I already knew that there were lots of aspects to rubber that I really enjoyed - gas masks are a firm favourite and the alien / alienation senses push a lot of my buttons. I was keen to find out more.

I'd been in a toppy mood for a few days and had the promise of a fetching young gent to play with as well as the company of two people I'm very fond of so was chipper although a little nervous, as I can be with things that are totally new to me. The nerves tend to spring from an uncertainty as to my own reactions and given I'd never been in this situation before I didn't really have a handle on what I was going to do. When I top or domme it helps to have a game plan, not because I want to do things by rote but because then if something throws me I have something in my back pocket to fall back on and don't get caught on the back foot.

I arrived on time and in my shiny mac (buttons fastened, all poppers properly sealed) feeling a little over-warm but having enjoyed a good train journey of people looking at me and thinking - quite rightly - that I was a pervert. We went to the cottage and I changed into PVC shorts and a top and then on top of that was fresh, new bought-for-me rainwear. I loved the smell and feel of it, the trousers smelt slightly different to the top, both smelt a little sweet, slightly of vanilla funnily enough, and with that familiar waft of plastic that brought to mind long walks as a child or summer sun filtering through tents on the morning of camping holidays. A soothing smell, and exciting too, adventure wrapped up in it. At first it was very cool and slippy against my mostly bare skin, much rougher than the smooth latex that I'm used to because of the coarser texture of the woven fabric. After a while it warmed up against my body heat and I started to sweat a little, enjoying the feeling of acclimatising to the situation.

The chap arrived and he was all that was promised and more, a handsome english gent type with the sort of fair fluffy hair that immediately puts me in hope of clippers and a chair to tie him to. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries then he went to change. He returned fully kitted up and I'll admit that my heart sank a little bit (and thought fondly once more of the chair and the clippers). From toe to top: heavy hunter wellies, thick waterproof trousers and raincoat fully zipped. He had thick gloves and a gas mask and under it all a rubber latex bodysuit. There was no skin to be seen anywhere. I realised then and there how much of my favourite horrible things to do to young men revolved around having at least some of them exposed and how little experience I had at managing someone with kinks in this area. I felt the burden of being on top although was still enthusiastic enough to give it a try. After all I wasn't without ideas...

After taking him upstairs and tying him to a chair (metal clip in hand to tap in case of emergencies) I was advised by Mr Magpie to let him stew a bit, whilst the pair of us tied Mrs Magpie down. She was also entirely encased in rubber, just a cute slit of cunt available to view, and whilst running my hands over her and tying her down I wondered how it must feel, under so much weight, heat and pressure. Deciding it must be really quite nice.

Back to the boy, I tied his legs together with some rope to reduce mobility further and used him as a handy chair from which to watch the other two. I felt that I was pausing and pacing things out more because of my own uncertainty and lack of knowledge which was frustrating for me. On the other hand, I could feel him - even through the rubber layers - hot and hard against me and so I wriggled a bit for good effect, smiling at the little moans and gasps that were amplified by the gas mask. I gave him a few seconds to enjoy it before stopping to go and find a plastic bag, which I then taped around his neck and watched it inflate and deflate. After a short while he tapped out of that and though I got the sense that he had enjoyed it I did worry that I might have pushed him a bit further than his stated intention of passive, objective observer. Feeling a little deflated and having certainly run out of tricks that were practicable - other thoughts included some drowning in the bath or being put outside and sprayed with a hose - again, judged probably a bit too much for a first meeting. I went back to using him as a chair and then, after a while, went back downstairs to try and figure myself out.

Clearly, the rainwear wasn't doing all that much for me. It was interesting and certainly I understood some the excitement from the point of view of the bottom, but mostly that derived from the sensorial experience given by the fabric, the enclosure, the press of the rubber on skin rather than a fetishisation of the kit itself. I enjoyed the fact that it was exciting him, and there was a top-rush from delivering those feelings, but because I didn't share in all of them it wasn't as full an experience as it could have been. Certainly I found the difficulty in accessing the body of the bottom and to a lesser extent the problem of getting feedback from them because I couldn't see as much of the skin, erection, flushed areas or twitches.

In retrospect, I should have done more prep - made time to chat with both the Magpies about what we wanted to get out of it, got some information about the chap himself, likes and dislikes and done a bit of a read and think as to what sort of play I was going to deliver. Equally it might have been easier if I'd have gone into the situation as a sub or a bottom, I could have relaxed into the sensations and experienced them rather than delivering them, perhaps the better solution in future entirely new scenarios.

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Anonymous said...

Damn I keep forgetting to mention. His tapping was just a twitch of pleasure; he said after that he thought it wasn't the moment to stop and explain. As I said, he was very complimentary anyway.

More detailed thoughts soon, I promise.